37th Annual

Giant Slalom

Some addresses on the registration sheets are indecipherable so your trophy will be mailed to you if you e-mail your address to me at:racerkoi@wildblue.net

I hope you liked the modified course. It was my attempt to level the field between the Minis and the larger cars. The results seem to indicate that this was relatively successful.

You are welcome to offer any other suggestions for consideration by emailing me at: racerkoi@wildblue.net

Only your first three runs qualified for trophy times.

We retained the system whereby if you run both Saturday and Sunday you can only trophy with your Saturday runs. Otherwise someone who runs both days would get at least four tries to better their time but a Sunday only runner would not.

Next year you will only be able to sign up on Saturday for Saturday runs.

All Sunday registrations will be on Sunday morning.
Class 1 New MINI (BMW)
TPINameModelRun 1 (p)Run 2 (p)Run 3 (p)
1Colton SwearingenCooper S x 43.93(1)42.57
2Wes SwearingenCooper S45.1843.62(1)43.02
3Brian FawcettJCW Cab44.8444.7443.68
4Bill ReiersgaardMINI Electric47.2646.4147.00
5Bruce MateMINI Electric49.2047.5665.02
6Realy Ann WingertCooper S56.98(3)52.2550.85
Class 2 MG
TPINameModelRun 1 (p)Run 2 (p)Run 3 (p)
1Joe SweeneyMGB53.9860.6549.96
2Mark WingusMGB Tourer54.1852.7454.06(3)
Class 3 Jaguar
TPLNameModelRun 1 (p)Run 2 (p)Run 3 (p)
1Greg MeboeE-Type41.3440.8140.39 (TTD Sat.)
SundayGreg MeboeE-Type43.3642.0241.26
2Terry SturgeonE-Type50.86(3)43.4542.85
3Tyler HaywardE-Type45.0644.8143.66
SundayMalcolm ReithE-Type44.1643.7244.10
4Robin PageXJR49.4745.7444.25
5Malcolm ReithE-Type45.8447.20(3)46.18
6Bruce MateXKR45.8546.3346.50
SundayRobin PageXJR46.1448.8748.82
7Tim KnappXKR47.7547.4147.08
8John VukelichXKR51.82(4)47.0247.60
9Clive TownleyX Wagon48.86(1)47.42 (1)47.12
10Bill ReiersgaardXKR63.05(3)65.66(3)48.42
11Dave FrisbyXJ656.57(3)55.1854.81
Class 4 Mini Group 1
1Brian GschielMini 99848.8047.1145.82
2Jeff Van HurstenMini Cab55.0554.9653.47
SundayJeff Van HurstenMini Cab53.1350.6150.84
Class 5 Mini Group 2
1Jeremy ThorpMini Cooper41.8140.7440.53
2Larry JanskyMini Moke44.3043.8142.85
3Chuck HelekerMini Countryman47.2545.5444.62
4Seth BarnhartMini 127555.8748.1048.28
5Tammie ThompsonMini 127550.1448.7648.35
6Greg BirchMini 127549.0652.23(3)48.74
7Chris HealdMini Estate49.2148.9649.43
8James ThompsonMini Mayfair49.4051.4950.71
Class 6 Race Prepared
1Jim BriggsWestfield44.9043.8746.80
2Art DickensenXJS GT49.7247.2244.35
Class 7 Big Bore (over 2500 cc)
1Mark NastTVR 3000S44.5542.6543.54
Class 8 Small Bore (under 2500 cc)
1Brian FawcettMorgan +848.4146.4547.55
2Jan RuckerGT6 MkIII48.7149.4647.20
SundaySir Drives-a-lotGT6 MkIII47.8147.2047.55
3Kim Mosier TR648.6649.4948.44
SundayKim Mosier TR649.1647.4548.32
4Gabriel ParkerSpitfire50.1149.5848.13(1)
5John SvensonMorgan 4/463.38(12)59.1955.94
Class 9 Class 9 Lotus
1Don EmersonLotus Europa40.7539.9240.00

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